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The Quadrax T-FRAME Auto-Lock extensible plow push-tube mounts and dismounts in minutes, without tools, due to it’s spring system that locks-it to the support bracket by easily pushing-it. To disengage, simply pull the release handle attached to the top of the blade.

  • Articulated arm allows raising the shovel 25 degrees higher than conventional plow systems.
  • Chassis length is adjustable from 64” to 84” inches (1.3m to 1.75m)
  • Equipped with a rotating plow support that adjusts from left to right in 5 postions.
  • Requires an application specific Auto-Lock mounting bracket. (Sold seperately)
  • Requires a winch with an automatic brake. (147-2650, 147-3650, 147-4200)
  • Compatible with SE and LX Quadrax plow blades.
  • For use with Quad Action plow blade: Requires a handle relocator bracket 165-540-99 (Sold separately)