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The Q-Lock push tube allows you install a Quadrax plow on ANY vehicle equipped with a 2” hitch receiver and 9” ground clearance. The Q-Lock’s adjustable and articulated design allows you to lift the plow blade by 25° to drive your vehicle equipped with a plow up the ramp of a truck or a trailer. In addition, this allows you to push the snow further up snowbank.

  • Length of the frame: 73“ to 105” (for longer vehicles, add Frame Extender (165-12021)
  • Fit virtually any ATV and UTV
  • Requires a 2” hitch receiver
  • Requires a winch with an automatic brake. (147-2650, 147-3650, 147-4200)
  • Compatible with ALL Quadrax plow blades.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a pulley to attache the winch cable to the push tube. This is necessary to have the pulling angle. (165-35120)
  • Equipped with a shock absorbing system to minimize the risk of damage
  • Includes a ratating plow support with 5 positions from left to right.

UTV Frame extender (for 99” to 134”) (165-12021)

For vehicles with a wheelbase longer than 75”, the Frame extender is required to install the Q-Lock push tube. This extension is also necessary for vehicles with tracks.