Footrests for Quadrax Fender Protectors


Footrest for round or square fender protector tube. Can be used on most round or square fender protector tube. Made of aluminum or steel. Includes hardware. Sold by pair.

Aluminum footrests with heavy duty metal clamp for 7/8” tube round or square

15-971 – Footrests for tubing round
15-972 – Footrests for tubing square

Metal footrest with chromed pedal for square tubing

15-960CR – Footrests for square tubing

Adjustable passenger footrests

Designed for two seater ATVs, these foot peg kits are adjustable to several different positions so the feet can rest 3 to 6-7/8-in above the original peg position allowing more comfort and stability to shorter passengers.

Part Number Description
15-9183 Polaris Sportsman 500, 850,1000 XP Touring, 12-16
Arctic Cat TRV 450, 500, 550, 700, 1000, 08-16
TRV Alterra 500, 550, 700, 1000, 2016
15-9184 Can Am-BRP Outlander Max (G2) 500, 570, 650, 800, 850, 1000, 13-16

Replacement parts for footrests for fender protectors

Part Number Description Qty
For 15-971 / 15-972
15-9661 Replacement pedal ea
15-9662 Pedal rod ea
15-9664 Side O-Ring for anti-vibration ea
15-9666 Clamp for 15-971 ea
15-9667 Clamp for 15-972 ea
For 15-960CR
15-960A STD Rubbers only for 15-960CR pr
15-960RU Replacement pedal For 15-960 ea
15-967 Kit of attach for square tubing
15-968 Replacement support for 15-960CR
15-969 Chrome foot pedal only ea
15-9602 End of pedal screw (only) ea
15-9624 8 Style long clamp ea
For old models 15-962 / 15-9604
15-9623 Bracket for round tube ea
15-9624 8 Style long clamp ea
15-9625 U clamp ea

*Warning: do not use footrest to climb on atv, they are meant to rest your feet, not your weight.