Slasher axles are engineered to provide superior performance no matter what your riding style.

The quality and durability of your ATV/UTV axles have a huge effect on your ride and overall performance.


Slasher axles have a wide range of ATV/UTV complete axles which are fully assembled outboard and inboard joints installed on a 4340 chrome-moly steel axle bar.

Slasher’s aftermarket axles add extra durability over stock axles especially if you are looking to use oversized tires or a lift kit. All internal precision ground components are assembled using high temperature, high load bearing moly grease to ensure maximum internal lubrication.


Slasher off-road ATV/UTV axles come with neoprene boots are manufactured to provide superior protection against ozone, which is the leading cause of boot failure.


Replacing your stock axles on your ATV/UTV is an inevitability. In fact the axles are often the first part to be changed and it is not always from a brake. If you find yourself with a broken axle, upgraded your tires or looking for a smoother ride Slasher ATV/UTV Axles offer a quality product at competitive prices

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